Call for Papers/Artwork: The Second Annual Critical Juncture Conference

About the Conference.

The Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts, the Department of English, Science & Society, the Disability Studies Initiative, and the Hightower Fund at Emory University present CRITICAL JUNCTURE: Exploring the intersections of race, gender and disability.

CRITICAL JUNCTURE is a conference that seeks to foster discourse on identity, difference and inequality from a variety of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. This conference invites engaged participation of researchers, scholars, community artists, and organizers whose work focuses on the impact of the relationship between social identities and the contexts within which they form. In particular, we will explore the interstices of identity and inequality that bring people into contact with institutional and cultural power in particular social spaces (e.g. workplaces, ‘public’ spaces, state institutions, educational systems, local and global economies, and health systems).

Saturday, March 15-Sunday, March 16, 2014

For those participants also interested in presenting their work, see the CALL FOR PAPERS or CALL FOR ARTISTS. All presentation proposals are due by Wednesday, January 15th, 2014.




Your thoughts?

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